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Welcome to Falang in Lao website

Falang In Laos is a marketplace where you can sell, buy and hire many kind of goods and service in Lao. It means that you no longer have to run around the town and put up posters everywhere or hanging your house announcement in front of your estate places.

As we known that nowadays internet is not difficult to access so this is the best choice to enlarge your client extent by using internet commerce for directly entry to your client and more comfortable for the current online communication.

For the customers it means that they can sit at home or your office and easily see what is for sale at the marketplace. Our website try to be the central between Consumer-to-Consumer that mean you can post and contact directly to each other. To advertise on Falang In Lao, just fill ADS form


The cost for our services


One page per month 30.000 kip

One picture link per month $20 ==>

The payment

You can make transfers money from you or your friend savings or current deposit account to our BCEL current deposit account no at any BCEL ATM machine.

There is no transfer fee. You can make transfers at an BCEL ATM machine near you.



Falang In Laos website has been established in the middle of the year 2007 by Mr TonnyMr Tonny and designed by Mr Deuansavanh and friend. At the beginning the first release is just for a small target Falang's group who want to know where they can find house or vehicle for rent.

Now Falang In Laos web site is owned by sole trader enterprise TARART ONLINE (No. 0131/HJT, Date 03,Sep 2008). Our enterprise also provide services about web design and IT services. Now we are welcome for any private or business sector who want to create simple web site for the business.


For more information please call Deuansavanh at (856-20) 5659664

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