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Shopping places (Veintiane Lao)
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Lao Fine Art Handicrafts Jewellery
Silver and Gold Jewellery Shops are many in Talat Sao.
The owner of this shop has studied in Germany (we call him Mr Charle) and when he came back to Laos few year ago, he establish in own business, by offering creative jewels mixing wood, coconut wood and silver.
There is a very small shop (maybe 5sqm) where we can see his products on the Fountain “Namphou”. He makes a very nice mixture of traditional Lao design and modern design into each piece.

Type of Products:
Silver, wood and silver with wood Jewellery

Price: Quiet expensive for Laos, but still reasonable, I think.

Location: Straight on the Fountain “Namphou” place.
Coming from Pangkham street, on your right-hand side, there is formally “Tina Restaurant, Crêperie” which is now Xangkoo Restaurant. Then next there is a travel Agent, and next there is “Lao Fine Art Handicrafts Jewellery”.
On coming from the Fountain, there is Scandinavia Bakeary, then Provincial Restaurant, then Mandarina Antique and next it is “Lao Fine Art Handicrafts Jewellery”.

Actually, the workshop and bigger showroom is located at his house in ThatLuang Village.
Time: Open very day (I don’t know the time)

Address and contact : Lao Fine Art Handicrafts Jewellery
Vientiane, Laos.
Tel +856-21 26 4510
Mobile Phone +856-20 5542 6993
E-Mail : cgiaon@yahoo.com
Web : www.laofineart.com

Elégant Boutique.
For clothing, for women and men, I highly recommend "Elegant Boutique" or "Elegant Laos"
This beautiful little boutique sells mainly clothes for fashion and Lao crafts. It is run by a young Laotian, stylist, designer, who mixed with the taste of silk and/or cotton fabrics from Laos and Western style fashion.
The shop is located near the fountain "Namphou" in the street Pangkham between the Lao Plaza Hotel and the Fountain.
She offers all sizes (small to large), which is really appreciable for us as westerners. She also offers tailor-made and made-to-measure and she can also sell by mail order and online.
Do not miss it.

Type of Products: All types of clothing in pure silk, mixed silk and cotton and pure cotton. Dresses, tops and tunics, skirts, trousers etc. .. for women. Shirts, pants, suits etc. .. for men. All sizes and made-to-measure.

Price: Very good and very good finish seams, high-end at very reasonable price. It is good value for money.
The seller is very attentive to your needs and can even ship your purchases if you do not have enough time to Vientiane.

Location: The store is located on Pangkham street, near the fountain "Namphou" between the Lao Plaza Hotel (or Settha Palace and other hotels in the same street) and the fountain.
The shop is on your left-hand side just before the fountain when you walk from the hotel to the fountain.

Time: Open every day from 9:30 am to 8:00pm

Address and contact (from the business card):
Elégant Boutique
Manager/Designer : Tamong Visouthivong
PoBox 3003
N°103 Pangkham Street, Vientiane, Laos
Email : elegant.laos@gmail.com et info@elegantlaos.com
Web : http://www.elegantlaos.com
Facabook : http://www.facebook.com/Elegant.Laos

CAMACrafts is a non-profit. Our products are entirely handmade using traditional patterns and techniques.
Address : Nokeo Khummane Road (opposite Douang Douane Hotel)
Phone : (856-21) 561 597
Email : et@camacrafts.org
Website : http://www.camacrafts.org

Laha Boutique
A wide of variety of products that include clothing, accessories and furnishings are made for Laha from uniquely dyed and woven textiles.
Address : Francoignin St., Opposite Taipan Hotel
Phone : (856-21) 241 932
Website : http://www.lahasinh.com

Our mission is to promote the best that Laos has to offer, both locally and internationally.
Address : Above Monument Books, Vientiane
Website : http://www.madeinlaos.com

We foster traditional silkworm rearing, reeling, weaving, and natural dyeing in villages, while providing training, tools and a market for sale and distribution.
Address : Nokeo Khummane Road (opposite Douang Douane Hotel)
Email : info@mulberries.org
Website : http://www.mulberries.org

Noi Noi Shop
Our Noi-Noi Shop (meaning ‘small-small') sells ChildSafe products made by parents in vulnerable communities of Vientiane. Parents receive regular payments for their products, and all profits help sustain the project and support basic welfare services for the families.
Address : Above Hanahan Makphet, Settathirath Road, Vientiane.
Phone : 020 24 88 383
Email : laos@friends-international.org
Website : http://www.friends-international.org

Lao Cotton State Enterprise
Our crafts include cotton fabric, clothing, interior furnishings, hand bags and other handicrafts.
Address : Vientiane
Phone : 021 215 840
Email : laocottn@laotel.com

Lao Magic Carpets
Our vision is to establish a large-scale, village-based, handmade silk carpet industry in Laos.
Address : Luang Prabang Road, Vientiane
Phone : 021 216854
Email : info@magiclaocarpets.com
Website : http://www.magiclaocarpets.com

Les Artisans Lao
Les Artisans Lao provides apprenticeships in the production of original handicrafts made from recycled wood or non-timber forest products such as coconut, bamboo etc.
Address : Ban Mixay, Vientiane
Phone : 021 223 178
Email : info@artisanslao.com
Website : http://www.artisanslao.com

Ekkalak Lao
The Ekkalak Lao Gallery in Vientiane markets the work of several associations of Lao artisans, promoting local handicrafts from over 30 different producers, mostly members of the Lao Handicrafts Association.
Address : Route 13, near Patuxai,Vientiane
Phone : 021 263 952
Email : ekkalak@laotel.com
Website : http://www.laohandicrafts.com

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