ADS falang in Laos

Room for rent in 2 bedroom house

I just rented a furnished 2 bedroom house off Luang Prabang Road (across from the church on the little road along the river) and am looking for a roommate. The house is a 10 minute bicycle ride from the downtown shops and restaurants, but only a couple of minutes to the Sunset Bar on the Mekong :)
Rent will be $100 a month plus 50% of utilities. Utilities are water and electric. The house is pretty big and your bathroom only has a toilet and shower, no sink, but there is a big kitchen sink. But the upside is, I am only charging $100 for this room, so it's a good deal.
I will be here for 4-5 months, but if you want to stay after that (and take over the master bedroom if you want), you could probably make a new lease with the owners, they are super nice and helpful.
I am a 25-year half-German, half -American girl currently interning at the Mekong River Commission. I work 8-5 Mon-Fri, so I definitely prefer quiet at night. Call or email with questions and if you want to come see the place.


Posted: 09-01-2009

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