ADS falang in Laos

Land for sale at Naxaithong

Naxaithong district, Vientiane Capital, Road no. 13 north, Km 16, entering road to Hin Khana waterfall (ca. 4 km) – all together about 20 km from downtown Vientiane, several expats already settled in that area

Land for sale at Naxaithong Land for sale at Naxaithong

Details of the bigger plot of land:
32.086 sqm, leveled terrain with bush and bigger trees, two natural ponds in the rear, connection to electricity can easily be obtained


Each premise to be sold at a favourable price
Please contact:
Guido (English, Spanish, Dutch, German), Tel.: 020-2033663
Bouangeun (Lao, Thai), Tel.: 020-2510388

Posted: 16-11-10

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