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Oot Ni Gallery

Mainly specializing in antiques and painting, this shop showcases a nice collection of antique from Laos and South East Asia.
I did appreciate this shop, as compare to other antique shop, where, they always try to sell antique when it is not (or fake), I felt that at this shop, the seller are quiet franck.
I also appreciate the drawing and painting, which is very poor in Laos compare to Thailand. Therefore, I like to support this gallery.
This gallery is very easy to find, on Sasemthai Road, just after the famous Sayoh Bar & Grill.
Type of Products: Antique, Ancient handicraft, Drawings, Painting.
Price: I feel it is quiet reasonable compare to other antique shop in town, which really exaggerate sometime !
Location: The Gallery is located on the main street of Samsenthai.
From National Cultural Hall, then you will see the Sayoh Bar & Grill –which make the corner) then next it Kine Dum Coffee Bar and next will be Oot-Ni Gallery.
Time: Open every day
Address and contact (from the business card):
Oot Ni Gallery 306 Samsenthai Rd. Vientiane, Laos
Tel (856-21) 21 4359 Fax (856-21) 21 5911 Mob (020) 51 4563

Kungs Lao cafe

Kungs Lao CafeSmall cafe located in the central city opposite with Ministry of health. Cafe is decorate with a floral pattern and backyard style. The restaurant offers for food and snack, you can stop for breakfast and lunch and relax with our beverage. Kungs Lao cafe is welcoming for all of you from 08.30 to 6.00 pm at Sisatanark district, Piervat village, Unit 08 and House No 117. Call: (856-21) 219101


4000 Islands

Sala Phae don khone

4000 islandsSala Phae, on the island of Don Khone, must be one of the most unique around. The property consists of 6 floating bungalows on the Mekong River. All the bungalows are simply yet testefully decorated, with private balconies overlooking the Mekong. The bungalows offer a ceilling fan and bathrooms with solar powered hot water.

Sala Phae is ideal for the FIT client looking for that simple property in a beautiful setting that is a little bit different.


Luang Namtha

Boat Landing

Boat Landing LuangnumthaThe Boat Landing Guest House is Laos' finest Ecotourism lodge, idyllically located on the banks of the Namtha River. The room are individual bungalows constructed in a traditional style and simply but beautifully decorated inside with local textiles.

The restaurant at the Boat Landing is superb, offering a wonderful choice of some of the best Lao food in the country. The standard of the property allows clients to explore a beautiful and culturally diverse area of Laos, while staying in relative luxury. Importantly, the Boat Landing contributes to the local economy, local people and the environment and any client who stays here will be doing their bit also.


Nong Kiew (Luang Prabang)

Nong Kiew

Nong KiewNong Kiew is a small rustic town by the bridge where the Route 1 to Sam Neua and Vietnam crosses the Ou River. This little settlement is blessed with probably the some of the most attractive natural settings in Northern Laos. Vertical limestone mountains with the river that runs through it takes the breath away. Nong Khiaw in Laos is like a breath of fresh air.



Kongview Bar & Restaurant


Kong ViewThey offer Lao, Thai, Chinese and Western Cuisines, cocktail,
beer and spirits, DJ and live music,
indoor and outdoor seating. Private parking lot Open Daily from 11 AM - Midnight

For more information:
Address: Ban Nongpanay, Hom 01, 183 Souphanouvong RD, Sikottabong District,
Vientiane Capital. N 17 58′ 4.39″ E 102 34′ 49.35″
Telephone: 021 520 522, 021 243 686, Fax: 021 520 533
Website: http://www.kongview.com/

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