ADS falang in Laos

Mr. Song is working for me as driver for 1 year and his driving is extremely safe.He is performs his duties efficiently, is a good handy-man and very reliable in running errands/payments. Mr Song is very good in taking care of children as well as pets. He is hardworking, diligent and trustworthy. He speaks some English and is trying to improve it. He is quiet and thorough in his work as well as a responsible and trustworthy person. I would highly recommend him as a driver for other foreigners. He is particularly good with children. If you wish to follow up any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My email address is
I will be in Vientiane until the end of November. You can contact him direct: 020-5009099 (some English).




Posted: 28-08-2009

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